WarHammer 40K Dawn of War 2

WarHammer 40K Dawn of War 2


2 x LP on Blue and White Vinyl


Renowned composer duo Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan have crafted an expansive impassioned score inspired by Space Marine's stunning cinematic visuals and intuitive gameplay.  Channeling the epic scale of this sci-fi fantasy, the score features orchestral compositions and modern filmic music production.



Track Listing:


Disk 1 | Side A

1. Prologue
2. Titus' Theme
3. Prelude To War
4. Against All Odds
5. Valkyrie Run


Disk 1 | Side B

6. Battlements
7. Whispers Of The Dead
8. The Blood Ravens
9. Reunion With Mira
10. The Weirdboy
11. No Man's Land


Disk 2 | Side A

12. The Inquisitor
13. The Meat Grinder
14. Heart of Darkness
15. Fight For Honor


Disk 2 | Side B

17. Legions Of Chaos

18.  Heresy

19. A Hero's Legacy

20. Chaos Emerges (Bonus)

21. Dropship Battle (Bonus)

22. We Shall Overcome (Bonus)

23. The Morgue (Bonus)

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