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Mifin Art

Pop Culture and traditional art from a midlands artist.  Working in many mediums Mifin Art produce one off items which are sold exclusively via Fantayzia Designs.

Pins and Needles

"Pins & Needles is not just about creepy-cute dolls and horror accessories. Pins & Needles is a backlash to every no I have ever received in life, every laugh I've gotten at what I wear and how I look, every bully and heartbreak!
Each doll represents a part of my personality, some are stronger than others, but they all compliment each other in some way...
I was told at Uni I couldn't draw and I wasn't artistic enough and nearly failed my degree as they didn't like what I did.

Pins & Needles is about embracing your weirdness and empowering yourself to be whoever the f*ck you want to be.
I have been told it won't work, laughed at and told 'not to give up my day job' and been patronised left, right and centre... Everytime I hear this is what made me want to create more, the more I heard it the more creatures came to take over the world and wreak havoc on the ones who didn't understand the deeper meaning...
Their existence makes the world a better place and I'm changing views one creature at a time..."

"You don't have to be who they want you to be..."
Victoria Malin, Owner and Designer of Pins & Needles...

Tea Ink. Exclusive Cards

Connor H G is a doodler based in the Cotswolds. He loves to draw almost everything from Robots to Dogs, and Robotic Dogs (occasionally). When he's not drawing or painting, he's either thinking about drawing or painting, or wondering (and sort of worrying) about how close the zombie apocalypse might be. You can see more of the kind of stuff Connor H G gets up to and get in touch via his instagram page, which is full to the brim with what he calls 'Imagination Vomitus' @dukebannon

Scribble & Black

Scribble and Black is a fantastic jewellery maker from Coventry. Using her own hand drawn images she makes a variety of amazing pieces. 

Find more of her jewellery on her Instagram feed here @scribbleandblack  or check out her gallery here.


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